English : 1 Year Membership in the RTTB-Collectors-Club

125 EUR
If you have no idea what this record club deal is, then read on....

We always tryed to go new ways and we will do it again.
So many bands started a Crowdfunding & Fundraising Website to raise the money to release the upcoming album. The highest step in the most ways is 1000 Dollars and more for some special Items and the album.
But we don´t wanna go this way. With this membership you have a "Records-Flatrate" for 1 Year.
You will receive all records (don´t care if CD / 7inch or 12inch) that we will release in future including shipping costs.
If there is a rare color variant, then you will be the first one to get that version. Your orders will ship first. You will also receive free stuff like posters, stickers, patches. The membership will include an RTTB-Records-Shirt  and a surprise-pakage . That's not all, you will  named in the producers line because your money helps to realize this releases..
There will be special releases just for members. You will always get test-presses , unused Cover-art-releases and...and..and
Please don´t think that we are commercial wimps now. We just try to find a way to release all Albums , EPs ans Splits that we have the chance to do.. There are so much in the line but we missed the money to do it.
!! The Membership is VERY limited !!
At the end of the deal, if you don't like what you got just return everything and I'll refund your money (as long as things aren't damaged). I'm serious.

Marc Marohn