The New Wave Hookers ‎– Pornschlegel The Krauts` Meteor

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A1 Enter The Hookers IV (The Final Chapter) 1:31
A2 The Sun Is Shining Anymore 4:56
A3 Wonderdoll 1:58
A4 Weedbreed 2:04
A5 Virgin Teaser 2:29
A6 Pornschlegel`s Silver Sphere 1:59
A7 The Freemazons 1:02
A8 Stanley Eisen / Billy`s Boy 5:50
A9 She Left The House (Without Saying Goodbye) 3:06
B1 Pornschlegel Surfs Off Heaven 1:16
B2 The Way Elle Rio Blows 1:50
B3 She Loves It Too 2:30
B4 We Got It Made 3:03
B5 World Of A Stranger 1:49
B6 Pornschlegel In Saint Tropez 1:22
B7 There`s Gonna Be A Killing After Midnite 2:08
B8 Wreck Your Troubles In Dreams 2:27
B9 L.S.E. 4:28
Goodbye Pornschlegel